Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Embrus (Embryo or Fetus)

We are about at the time the our embryo is becoming a fetus, so not quite sure if this has happend or not. We are at nine weeks and one day today, and it is amazing what is visable. The brain is still visable, as is the heart, but you can also make out arms, legs and hands. In the video below, you can also see the head, arms and legs moving. Sherri won't actually feel any of this until about week 20, so at the moment she still has a restful inside.
Here's a couple of pictures of the embrus:

Here's our kicker (best seen around 40 seconds)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Weekend in Vegas

We had a great time with Angel, Greg and the girls over the weekend. Didn't really "do" much, which was just fine, we really just wanted to see them, since it will be harder to get up there as the Holidays roll around and then when the little one shows up.
Here's Angel and the girls The mermaid. I think it's terrible that they just lock her in this small tank.
Sherri and Angel
Here's me jetskiing.
Here's the half dollars we won from getting blackjacks. $19 in total. Not bad.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Angel Is Taking Over Their Blog (For Today)

Gregg & I at the Mermaid Lounge
Scott & Sherri Looking Adorable at Claim Jumper
Bear Hugging at the Bass Pro Shop
Jessie & Keli with "Scuba Steve"

Scott & Sherri arrived to Vegas yesterday. I think I called every 2 minutes to say "where are you?." We hit Claim Jumper and DEFINITELY went over our daily allowance of calories in just one meal. That's ok though. It was worth every fatty bite =) After naps, we hit the Mermaid Lounge at the Silverton Hotel. It was the first time for all of us. Their marine biologist, "Scuba Steve," fed the sting rays and took questions from the audience. Jessie asked the first one (are you scared?). Then the mermaid came in the aquarium and interacted with the kiddos. It was fun, but she looked a little scary in pictures. Between shows, Sherri, the girlies and I hit the Bass Pro Shop while the guys hit the casino since there was lots of smoke and debauchery (which I was all for... ha ha). It wasn't exactly my kind of store, but shopping is shopping. It's so good having my BESTEST friend and Bobbins, Esq. here. I'm so glad they drove out. I love you guys (baby Volt too)!! Here's a shout out to Poppa Larry and Mama Ruth, when are you going to the Mad Greek and see me? Robin & Logan, come over and play with us!! Thanks for reading my entry! Peace out!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Went to the Angels' game yesterday with Dave, Raitis, and Shannon's brother. Many good things to eat, and the Angels won to boot.
In other Angel news: Tomorrow Sherri and I are going to Vegas for the weekend to visit Angel and family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Heartbeat, Yolk and Brain

We went for our weekly ultrasound and blood work. Everything is good. Dr. Werlin was out doing a surgery, so we had a nurse do everything. She was great and spent quite a bit of time with us, showing us not only the heartbeat, but the yolk and brain of Volt. In the video below at about 1 minute 15 seconds you can see the brain. It is the dark thing in the mass thing.
At week twelve we will be getting a genetic screening done, which will give us a better ultrasound. I hope we can tape that one, because I would like the increased clarity. I need the HD ultrasound!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

See Penelope!

My brother and niece came over by chance.
We watched a bit of So You Think You Can Dance,
And a little program on bullet ants
As they left, Sherri came home; they exchanged a glance.
We were lazy, just watching movies; I’ll state in advance.
Penelope was GREAT, its tale enchants.
Also great was the Avatar’s last stance.
Then to sleep, I fell into deep trance.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman, Hospital Tour, Sitting

Sherri, her sister and I saw an early showing of The Dark Knight yesterday. I'm going to go with the crowd here and state, IT WAS AMAZING! Really enjoyed everything about it. A cliche of bad guys is they stick out their tongues, but when the Joker does it, it looks creepy. All the little things were great ((s)laughter written on the truck), and the big things as well (Harvey Dent).
After the movie we went to Mission hospital and were treated to a very nice tour of the delivery and recovery areas and learned quite a bit about the hospital. Sue Hayes was very helpful; we still aren't decided on which hospital yet, but Mission is still in the running.
Last night, Alex and Heather went out to the movies and Sherri and I watched their girls. We met up with Robin and Logan for Jamba Juice and then Chick-Fil-A playground. Alex's youngest was SO exhausted by the end of the night.
I only had my camera in my phone which does not take good motion shots, but here's a few picts:
Kayla (foreground), Logan (background) Kayla, Libby and Logan
Libby peeking out

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We had our 3rd post pregnancy ultrasound today and I remembered to bring a VHS tape. Below is a picture of our embryo and a video of the heart beating. Sherri is about 7 weeks pregnant now. Only about 33 more weeks and we can meet our baby.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Errand Day

I should have kept my list of what I needed to do today so I could have scanned it in to show everyone. Very busy just doing this and that. Small things that had to be done such as going to the dry cleaners, getting a haircut, getting some batteries, the list went on and on. I also went to the ADL Chemerinsky talk this morning. It was very good. He analyzed the recent Supreme Court decisions, very informative.
This evening I went to the Public Law Center Annual Dinner. It was a good night and definitely something I want to get more involved in.
Tomorrow we go back in for an ultrasound and bloodwork. I'm looking forward to seeing the heartbeat again. Also new is Dave's blog: http://cafieldbio.blogspot.com/ You too can now see the life of a CA Field Biologist. Nice pictures.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Continuing Education and ADL Salsa Dance

Yesterday was a full day for me. I had MCLE (Minimum Continuing Legal Education) all day and then from 8 - 11 my parents, my brother and his wife, and Sherri and I went to an ADL (Anti-Defamation League) sponsored class in Salsa Dancing.
The MCLE Bridging the Gap was a very well worthwhile program. Great lecturers and I learned after the fact this one program satisfied all my continuing education requirements until 1/31/2009. Before becoming an attorney I always imagined the MCLE would be difficult to satisfy, but I have already done a 3 hour self study course, and I'm going to an 1 1/2 course on Monday. Of course these are overkill, but the education is good for its own sake. Besides, the course on Monday has Erwin Chemerinsky as the speaker, so I know it will be entertaining as well.
My brother and his wife salsaing
Sherri isn't allowed to dance because of the whole pregnancy thing, but I was glad to have her there
Sherri took this little video of me learning the basics.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


For some reason (really not sure why) Sherri and I haven't slept much in the last few days, so both of us are exhausted. Hopefully tonight we'll get some shut eye, since Sherri can sleep in.
Anyway, not much happening, I helped my sister today and then went and helped my in-laws move stuff from one storage unit to another storage unit. I'm even more tired now, which should help for tonight's sleep.
Here's a couple of pictures from yesterday which I didn't post (I didn't take any today)
My Favorite Second Eldest Niece: My Favorite Sister-in-Law on my Wife's Side and My Favorite Nephew on my Wife's Side:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Update - Heart Beating

This morning we went to the doctor and saw our future child's heartbeat. In the picture below you can see the pinto-bean sized kid surrounded by the 3 cursors. Then in the video if you look at the same area, you can see a flickering, that is the heartbeat. Next week I will bring a VHS tape (if I can find one) so I can take a better video of the whole thing.
It's great seeing the heartbeat; for me it makes it more real - proof there's a baby in there.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bugs Bunny on Broadway

Last night we saw the ineptly named Bugs Bunny on Broadway at the Hollywood Bowl. We went with Sean and Belinda, Sean suggesting the title be renamed to Bugs at the Bowl. At any rate, it was a great show. Classic looney toons cartoons are accompanied by the LA Philharmonic. Sherri and I had a great time, and it was perfect timing to see it because the show, after 19 years, is going on hiatus now and when it comes back the program will have some different cartoons.
Thanks Sean and Belinda for inviting us out. It was fun.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We went this morning for an ultrasound (no bloodwork) and we will be going back next week for another (with bloodwork). The doctor went all around and she only found one gestational sac, so it looks like one kiddo for us. Of course it is possible another one(s) could be hidden, but the chances are that we are having one this go around.
My nephew was trying to figure out names for our twins, and the only one that really works for a singleton is Volt (Surge Jr.). I think I will call it that for a while. Sherri and I already have the names picked out - Boy = Joel; Girl = Sarah; but for the next month we are having a Volt.
Here's a picture from the ultrasound. The dark blob is our kid. The doctor said she could see the yolk sac, but I couldn't.