Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good News and Bad and Sad News

This picture was right next to my locker in law school. I always liked it. The text reads "You have lost but you have had the privilege of having me plead your case."

Good News:
So the Bar Exam is over. I don't want to jinx anything, but I kinda think that it might be over for good. I felt pretty good with the final day of the test. The subjects for the essays were, Community Property, Wills and Trusts, and Corporations with a bit of Professional Responsibility. I'm pretty good with Community Property and Wills and Trusts, so the essays I believe went pretty well.
The Performance test in the afternoon went well too. I seemed to spot the issues relatively quickly and just had to type quickly to get everything onto the page (screen, whatever).
Bad and Sad News:
Those three little embryos on the bottom of the screen will not be our children. None of them "took". We found out Monday, the day before the Bar Exam, and it was really a terrible day. We cannot start the procedure again for over a month because chemicals have to process in and out of Sherri's body to try again. I get very sad when I think about it, and Sherri often has tears in her eyes. Not fun, but next time will be the time. This time was just not meant to be.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Daaa da da da daaa...daaa daaa daaa

This looks good: It's all the music for Superman from 1978 through 1988. The John Williams stuff I know is good, but it would be cool to own the Superman cartoon show stuff. Any good Superman score has the word "Superman" in it (not spoken, but you can hear it) - For example, John William's score - "Daaa da da da daaa...daaa daaa daaa; Daaa da da da da, 'Superman'". The word "Superman" isn't actually said in the score, but you can hear it. If you hear random Superman music, you should be able to make out when the composer put that in. Okay, enough about my oddities for this blog.
As far as life goes, Sherri actually got out of the house today. We just went out to dinner and back home, but she was happy. By the way, Quinn's in downtown Tustin is so good. We've been there 3 times and always enjoy it.
The Bar exam is on Tuesday. Today I took a 200 multiple choice test and got 147 right. Doesn't sound very good, but it is pretty decent. Hopefully I will do equally well on the exam.
This weekend is mega cramming. I want to just right out the rules on paper over and over again so they are ingrained. That's all I got.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally off of bed rest!

Sherri still has to take it easy though for the next week.
Sherri's taking Amy's advise and doing a bit of online (window) shopping.
Not much else is happening. I've been working on Torts today. Bar exam is a week from today. I'm not nearly as nervous this time - last time I couldn't sleep. Hopefully I'm prepared. I guess I'll find out in May.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I miss Sherri's desserts

Since Sherri is on bed rest I had to make these cookies all by myself. These came from a mix and I added M&Ms to them. Sherri always makes everything from scratch. Really no comparison. Oh well. They tasted okay.
Gotta get back to studying now.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sherri's abode for the next few days.

The two bottom picts are Valentine's Day pictures from the cell phone. I'm actually pretty impressed with the quality. It goes to show you, just like everyone says, megapixels don't mean everything - the cell phone has 1.3megapixels.

Sherri is pretty tired of laying in bed all day. I tried to put everything needed around the bed so I can go off and study, but it is very boring, no matter what you have, just to be in bed all day long.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Bear Trip

My nephew, Jay, pre snowball.
Post snowball

Sherri and I, for obvious reasons (bed rest and Bar exam), are missing our family's annual Presidents' Weekend trip to Big Bear.
It's always a fun trip for me because the whole family is together and for the most part we just hang out in the house. Very low key and lots of activity all at once.
I wish we could have gone, but next year, hopefully we will go with our kids in tow.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Almost Pregnant

Today, for Valentine's Day, Sherri and I implanted these three embryos into her. We found out today that embryos are rated from a scale of 1 through 4, with 1 being the most viable. All three of these are rated 1.3, which is very good according to the doc.
All three embryos are 8 cells big. I can't seem to make out the sexes, but maybe that comes later. Not sure, I'm new to this.
Anyway, Sherri's lying down in bed for the next 5 days. She can only get out of bed to go to the bathroom.
Everything went well, and we're hoping for multiple kids off this so we don't have to go through this whole thing again.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Visit from my cousin

So, Sandy came and visited today, and suggested that Sherri and I should have a blog to share what is happening in our lives.
I guess there are some things happening...
So, since I'm studying for the bar exam, I'll make this short, (I promise I'll try to make this blog page and content more interesting once the bar is over).
Sherri goes in tomorrow to get some embryos put into her (three to be precise).
Then tomorrow night and for the forseeable future (about 12 weeks or so) I will be injecting her with some hormones.
I hate needles in other people. I have no problem sticking myself or getting myself stuck, but I don't like sharp things going into other people - and of course since it's on her backside I'll have to administer the shots.
That should do it for the first post.
Not sure how often this will be updated, except to say, that when we have kids (twins - no more, no less) I will update everyday with a picture since that seems to be the thing to do.