Wednesday, January 12, 2011

9 month Update for Shayna and Sophie

Shayna and Sophie turned 9 months old on December 27, 2010 but we just had their 9 month check ups yesterday so here is an update on the girls...

- just started to crawl on New Years Eve
- is beginning to eat baby finger foods like yogurt melts etc.
- absolutely adores Sarah
- 28.25 inches long
-19.6 pounds

- started crawling on Thanksgiving Day
- pulls up standing on everything
- cruises around furniture and from toy to toy
-took 4 steps only holding on to one of mommy's fingers
-28 inches long
-19.25 pounds

both girls are eating fruit, vegetable and meat combo baby foods
and have begun to eat little snacks like yogurt melts and baby puffs.
They have even had some cheese, tortillas and teething bagels from Montreal!