Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shayna and Sophie turn 8 months old!

I can't believe Shayna and Sophie are 8 months old already. Time has gone by so quickly. Shayna is constantly on the move. She learned how to crawl just before Thanksgiving and now goes non stop. She wants to crawl and pull herself up and stand 24/7. She has even crawled up all the stairs a few times and is fearless...we are so in trouble. Sophie is my little roller. She rolls to get where she wants and is super patient and calm. My mother says she is like me as a baby :)
They love to play footsies and have cute conversations with each other. Shayna is loud and wants you to hear her when she speaks. Sophie is a babbler, talking more and more each day.
They are both in 6-9 or 12 month clothing and are about to begin using size 4 diapers (the same size Sarah is STILL using)

Here are the girls together
Shayna standing as usual
Shayna holding her birthday board