Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

So this Halloween was a busy one! We went to a party at Robin and Logan's on Sunday and then took the girls to Amy and David's on Monday night to go trick or treating with Cambria and Baylen. They had a great time at all!

I made some cupcakes for both parties! The mummy toppers are my favorite!!

Here's our sweet Sophie as a Monkey!

Sarah went up to the first few houses with Scott while Shayna and Sophie hung out in the wagon we borrowed from Amy. The Sarah wanted into the wagon and Shayna wanted out. Shayna was the only one of the bunch to really like the trick or treating and she absolutely loved it. She was pulling Scott to each of the houses! She even did a happy dance when she saw two light up tombstones on one of the lawns! The other two were content in the wagon just watching the festivities.

The girls in the wagon at the beginning of the night!

Shayna and Scott trick or treating!

Sophie did not like to wear the monkey hood part of her costume. But she makes a super cute non headed monkey too!

Princess mommy and duckie Shayna!

Mommy sporting Sophie's Monkey costume with her little Sarah Dragon!