Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last Weekend

I don't have pictures on my camera for last Friday night (I'll have to ask someone in the family). But we had lots o' fun celebrating my sister's and my aunt's birthdays. My brother invited the family over to my folks' house and he rented a karaoke machine. I had a horrible cold, so I sounded really good. :)
Anyway, the next day Sherri and her sister went to get their nails done, and since I was with them, and I was assured I would get a good foot massage out of the deal, I decided to join them. I will NEVER make that mistake again. Nail places SMELL!!! I hate the smell of nail polish, and having some strange woman cut my toe nails didn't do anything for me. Plus, the foot massage was almost non-existent. Not a fun time for me. At least now I know.On Sunday, we had our second and final Shower. We originally were going to do 3 showers, but we consolidated the last 2 into 1 big one. There were MANY people there. We got everything else on our list and then some. (the few odds and ends we didn't get, we will be able to get with the gift cards we received). It seemed like a success, and Sherri was opening gifts for quite a long time.
I'm not sure how many tables were set up, but here's one of them all decked out for the shower.My niece always is the princess. Here she is with my dad.
As far as baby goes, everything is looking good. Sherri had an appointment earlier today, and everything checked out okay. The doctor says we could have Sarah any day now. Hopefully it will be at least a week. Sherri has some errands she wants to get done. This Friday is her last day of work before she goes on Maternity leave, and she would also like some amount of time to relax before Sarah.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lateness and Odds and Ends

So I know I said once a week, and I really am trying to stay at least to that (also Sherri told me she wants to learn how to do this blog so she can take it over), I've just been very busy lately. Renewed commitment to once a week, and I'll also show Sherri how to do this thing soon.
Anyway, here are a few pics over the last week (or longer)
Last week, January 29th, we had our final ultrasound. The nurse said at this stage the baby is too big to see anything. I can't make out anything, but she labeled some "HAIR!!!!!!!!" for us.Quite a while ago this place opened - Sticki Picki. It's a place where you can dress up in costumes and take pictures and then the pictures are made into stickers. Here's the long description:
Last week, January 27th, my nephew Logan was inducted into the Pinewood Derby era of Cub Scouts. I'm looking forward to helping him build his car.