Thursday, September 30, 2010

New toys, new milestones and fun at the park!

Scott and Sarah had a blast with the most inexpensive toy we have... a box of course!

So much fun being pushed around.

The girls turned 6 months old on the 27th. It's crazy how big they have gotten. I will post more details and stats after their pediatrician appointment on Oct.11.

Sophie at 6 months

Shayna happy to be 6 months old!

with age comes new milestones such as trying rice cereal for the first time..

And Sophie is even getting pretty good at sitting..

We took the girls down to the park today but didn't stay too long cause it was really hot out. We were there long enough for a few cute pics though..

All my girls in their "ride"

Shayna and Sophie having some sisterly fun

Sarah looking cute as ever!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Splash park, Sitting and Sweetness

On sunday, we went to the local splash park for some end of summer fun. We packed a picnic and played in the water before and after lunch.

Here is Sarah playing with the horses that shoot water out. They seem to be her favorite thing here.
Cousin Logan getting soaked!

Here is a group shot of all that went.

Today Shayna and Sophie both practiced sitting up. They both did very well and are on their way to sitting independence!

Success for Shayna!

Success for Sophie too!

Sarah had fun today just playing around the house. I took a few shots that I thought were sweet so here they are..

Thursday, September 2, 2010


A few days ago, August 30th, Sarah started saying "Book" with a hard "K" sound. Before, it was more like "Bu". Now she says it all the time consistently. Her favorite book right now is "Go Dog Go!" and loves to point to the bird and say, "bird".

Shayna and Sophie are doing great.
We are past the colds that effected all the females in the house. Sophie found her feet this past week, and Shayna is sleeping pretty much through the night, unswaddled.